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Field & Facility Operations

Field & Facility Operations (PGSOPS) is a remote operating solution combining our WellCommander system and our 24/7 Operations Center to monitor, analyze, and respond to wellsite and facilities issues to maximize their availability. PGSOPS integrates into daily operations through many web-based SCADA, video surveillance, vehicle tracking, or lone worker systems within a single or multitude of operating areas. PGSOPS enhances a Producer or Midstream company’s ability to consistently respond to production, health/safety, or environmental issues day or night allowing existing staff to focus further on optimizing daily operations.

Furthermore, PGSOPS can assists our Clients in managing other business activities related to compliance, production accounting, and system administration. All centralized from an offsite center or integrated into an existing plant or office location. The core of our design enables a small team to manage a large amount of assets without adding significant overhead, risk, or needless complexity.

PGSOPS allows assets to remain unmanned for longer and further reduce risks associated with safety, security, and production. PGSOPS is focused on continuing to bring significant benefits to Producer and Midstream companies throughout the Canadian Western Basin.

What We Do

Our PGSOPS solution enables Clients to remain efficient and flexible as fields are continually developed and new acquisitions are made. Key components to our solution include:
  • Remote monitoring of well and facility assets
  • Integration with multiple SCADA systems simultaneously
  • Mobile applications for field operator tasks and reporting

The Value We Deliver

Our commitment to building strong business relationships centers on creating lasting value for our Clients through our ability to influence operations through:

  • Increased reliability and efficiency
  • Reduced OPEX and unscheduled downtime
  • Streamlined and automated business processes
  • Managing more with less

Frequently Asked Questions

A sample of the questions and answers to help you make an informed decision when choosing our solution.

No, as long as each system is remotely accessible by our personnel and/or web enabled to send out specific alarms and production data. Our system is built to handle data from a multitude of sources and database structures.

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