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Production Forecasting & Intelligence

Production Forecasting & Intelligence (PGSINTEL) is an industry solution that automates data processing commonly handled manually between individuals and departments through spreadsheets and other documents. PGSINTEL enhances producers, facility operators, and marketers’ ability to forecast production, quantify improvements, and deliver accurate estimates to stakeholders seamlessly each month.

PGSINTEL functions within our WellCommander platform to provide additional opportunities for data mining, analytical reporting, and decision support. Our PGSINTEL solution provides users with easy to use modules which interpret, convert, and display applicable corporate and field data into actionable insights. Each module is customizable within minutes to deliver highly specific and reliable information that fits directly into a departments Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

PGSINTEL enhances the capabilities of forward-thinking firms and significantly mitigates the challenges of investing in high-end data analytics platforms to create real-time business intelligence (BI). When combined with both our PGSOPS and PGSDATA solutions, customers have a powerful tool in which to compete and thrive in todays energy market.

What We Do

Our PGSINTEL provides current WellCommander users with an advanced suite of modules to empower operations with insights into key drivers critical to the success of each team and your overall business. Key components to our solution include:
  • Single platform integrating technical and management teams
  • Use of validated data to improve forecasting accuracy.
  • Customizable for both wellsite and facility operations.
  • Secure data repository capturing what makes you successful

The Value We Deliver

Our PGSINTEL solution gives each of our Clients the ability to forecast, simulate, and compare results across all their field assets at a click of a button. Empowering teams in operations, engineering, and management through:

  • Increased effectiveness of junior personnel
  • Improved operations budgeting.
  • Improved decision support.
  • Increased transparency and collaboration between teams
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