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Field & Facility Data Management

Field & Facility Data Management (PGSDATA) is a web-based solution designed to streamline data collection and reporting requirements throughout the production and transportation of natural gas and associated liquids. PGSDATA provides an easy to use platform that creates a centralized and secure data warehouse from which automated business processes efficiently exchange information between Producers and Midstream companies. Resulting in more accurate and quicker monthly reconciliation of volumes.

PGSDATA leverages our WellCommander platform to provide secure access for both a customer’s staff and clients to validate data, maintain compliance, and improve collaboration across multiple departments within both organizations simultaneously. PGSDATA is designed to create a customizable experience for each of your critical stakeholders to view the pulse of a facility with its associated receipt and sales points all within a single dashboard.

Within the PGSDATA solution, a set of industry tested modules focused on areas such as field data capture, gas/liquid marketing, production management, accounting, and compliance are at your disposal. As with all PlanGlobal’s offerings, this is a managed solution to further assist each of our clients with driving down operation costs and improving overall success.

What We Do

We provide our WellCommander software to meet your organizations data management needs. Whether it is one plant or hundreds of wellsites across multiple systems and fields, we can handle your data. Key components to our solution include:
  • Single platform for plant and wellsite operations
  • Integrate software modules across multiple departments and teams.
  • Provide Desktop and mobile applications for office and field staff.
  • Fully managed and secure data warehouse.

The Value We Deliver

Our PGSDATA solution gives each of our Clients the ability to store, organize, verify, and share data throughout their operations at a click of a button. Empowering an organization through:

  • Boosted productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased transparency and collaboration
  • Confidence that data is validated and reliable
  • Increased data mining opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers to help you make an informed decision when choosing our solution.

No, Our WellCommander software can work in conjunction with other systems or can be used to replace aging systems to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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