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Software Development

Software Development

PlanGlobal provides Software Development services through its in-house Agile development team. Their primary focus is on the sustainable development of new modules within our WellCommander platform to enhance our solutions for each Client. Our team provides accurate estimation, effective code management, and continuous deployment to get faster feedback from users when adding modules to their specific needs.

Our Software Development team works closely with each Client and builds strong lasting relationships across teams such as management, engineering, accounting, and operations. Our development team looks to empower individuals within a company resulting in our projects receiving greater corporate buy-in, higher corporate impact, and significant cost savings.

The goal of each development project is to provide additional tools to a company’s personnel allowing them to prosper in todays market. We understand that in a complex system, emergent needs will present themselves and we're behind you every step of the way. 

Key Benefits

PlanGlobal’s Software Development service is designed to provide the tools you need without adding the burden of managing technical teams internally. Key benefits of our service include:

  • Predictable Costs with Project Pricing
  • Agile Software Development Methodology
  • Improved Transparency and Quality
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