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Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone Worker Monitoring

When field operators are in a lone worker situation and encounter a serious problem, immediate and reliable access to emergency assistance can mean the difference between life and death. In addition to being mandatory, a company must take all reasonable measures necessary for the protection of their workers who are working alone.

PlanGlobal’s Lone Worker Monitoring service integrates into a company’s existing lone worker program and assists in areas such as device monitoring, check-ins, emergency escalation, administration, and reporting. Additionally, our team assists in Journey Management tracking through our online trip tracking system or via calls directly into our Operations Center. In the event of an emergency, our team executes a company’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and works directly with the various teams to quickly verify an emergency and direct personnel to the operator in distress.

Our service provides an additional reliable lifeline for field personnel working in hazardous situations. Our Operations Center is staffed with a team of experienced operators familiar with both the challenges encountered in the field and the multitude of options available for personnel tracking and emergency response.

Key Benefits

PlanGlobal’s Lone Worker Monitoring ensures the highest possible level of assistance for individuals whom are in lone worker situations. Key benefits of our service include:
  • Mitigate False Alarms and Escalations
  • Improved Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Cost Savings
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