Operating in a sustainable manner ensures PlanGlobal maintains a positive long term relationship with Clients and retains The Service Center’s highly trained personnel. Through sustainable business practices, PlanGlobal continually evolves managed services to ensure the PlanGlobal Operations Center continues to meet new and existing industry challenges.

Sustainability over the Long Term

PlanGlobal assists in improving business practices by providing everyday operations processes that are proven to strengthen key factors affecting the everyday operations. PlanGlobal provides continual clarity on the performance of our clients operations. PlanGlobal’s goal is to create an environment where Clients operations are more sustainable, further enabling them to attract greater investment capital and yield greater shareholder returns. As companies move further into the era of data based decision making for corporate sustainability and competitive advantage, PlanGlobal’s methods of supervision and analysis assist in capturing and reflecting more of a company’s true value and competitive potential. This is absolutely essential to a Clients competitiveness and profitability over the long term.

Across all Business Functions

Throughout PlanGlobal the team is engaging with Clients and employees on sustainability. Here are three examples of how The Service Center is meeting corporate sustainability goals:

  • Centralizing business functions through dedicated Service Center teams
  • Creating a forum for developing new ideas and processes
  • Engaging operations teams to record knowledge and experience into our data warehouse

Opportunities and Challenges

The road to sustainability is never-ending and there are always challenges and opportunities along the way. Several key opportunities and challenges PlanGlobal has identified are: 

  • Developing managed services that continually become more efficient
  • Mitigating the environmental impacts of Clients today and in the future;
  • Responsibly managing growth
  • Recruiting and retaining exceptional personnel in today’s economy.

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