Journey Management

Planning and safely carrying out road travel assignments requires a thorough understanding and strict adherence to the safety rules established by the driver’s employer and mandated by the applicable jurisdictions.

Industry studies have shown that 30% of fatalities in the Oil and Gas sector are due to accidents involving vehicles. In the transport industry, vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death. The incidence of vehicle accidents can be reduced if trips are properly evaluated and planned beforehand. Monitoring the performance of the driver and vehicle during the trip is equally important.

A properly designed and implemented Journey Management program is essential for helping to ensure the safety of workers while they are driving, Journey management is not a new concept, however, the original tools used for managing company trips, such as paper forms and trip plans have serious deficiencies because they are often completed incorrectly, or misplaced etc. In addition, these hardcopy items do not easily lend themselves to providing a history of journey specific guidelines or lessons learned from past trips. In addition, the traditional approach to journey management has relied on pre-departure and post-arrival telephone contact. One of the disadvantages of this approach is that the safety and the location of the driver and vehicle are unknown during the journey.

Our Solution

A comprehensive Journey Management program is designed to identify and mitigate the four primary causes of vehicle accidents:  

  • non-adherence to safety rules
  • unqualified, poorly skilled, or impaired drivers
  • unsuitable or vehicles
  • inadequate or outdated weather and road condition information

PlanGlobal’s Journey Management program provides your organization with a professional partner to record and efficiently manage all aspects of each trip in real-time. The specialists in our 24/7 Operations Centre are fully trained in Journey Management policies and procedures, and have expert knowledge on the transportation rules and regulations for each province. Their job is to keep your drivers safe and on schedule. Using the latest in GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), the progress of your mobile workforce is monitored against their logged trip itineraries. Prior to departure and during the trip, drivers are updated on current weather and traffic conditions. The use of automated tools lighten the administrative load for the driver and support personnel, enabling your drivers can focus on completing their journey safely.

Program Components

The components of PlanGlobal’s program include:

  • Trip Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Callout Escalation
  • Re-Routing
  • Weather and Traffic Alerts
  • Journey Reporting
  • Audit Trail
  • Standard and Customizable Reporting

Trip Management

For each journey equal to or exceeding a predetermined minimum travel length, a trip management plan is created and logged with the Operations Centre. Each plan contains:

  • vehicle details
  • driver specifics
  • projected departure time and location
  • estimated arrival time and location for single or multiple trips

Check-ins are scheduled with drivers before they depart, and after they arrive at their destination, and also at predetermined points during the journey, for longer trips. Journeys are booked online, reducing the amount of time required for vehicle operators to submit their trip management plans. During the journey, various data is automatically collected and uploaded to the system, including:

  • current location
  • travel duration times
  • duress notifications
  • In-vehicle monitoring data, including speed and sensor warnings

Compliance Monitoring

Operations Centre personnel monitor and ensure that all applicable company and municipality safety regulations, including maximum speed as well as driver fatigue policies and procedures, are being adhered to by the vehicle operator.

Callout Escalation

The Callout Escalation procedure is initiated under any of the following conditions:

  • the vehicle operator fails to check-in at the scheduled time
  • a duress notification is issued from the vehicle operator
  • a non-arrival incident occurs
  • a serious onboard sensor warning is detected

If one of the above situations occur, the Operations Centre immediately attempts to contact the operator. If unsuccessful, the event is escalated as per the guidelines in the company’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and a system alert is generated. The alarm remains in force until communication is made with the vehicle operator, or responsibility is handed over to the operator’s ERP designated company emergency contact.


Re-routing information is automatically forwarded to the driver in order to optimize travel safety and scheduling integrity. In the event of an unforeseen road closure, the vehicle operator contacts the Operations Center to receive alternate route information.

Weather and Traffic Alerts

Real-time updates on traffic, construction, and weather and road conditions are provided automatically to the vehicle operator, providing them with the option to select another route or modify their schedule.

Journey Reporting

All relevant and available journey information is automatically recorded and uploaded to the system.

Audit Trail

Information pertaining to road trips is automatically created, uploaded and subsequently retrievable online, enabling customized reporting and audit capabilities.

Standard and Customizable Reporting

System reports can be generated and customized to the requirements of each company. These reports can be accessed online or e-mailed to the client on a prearranged schedule. A complete list of past, present, and logged future journeys is also accessible online at any time.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of PlanGlobal’s Journey Management program include:

  • Increased safety of drivers and vehicles during transport missions
    • reduced number of vehicle accidents and associated losses
    • improved compliance with company road safety guidelines
    • reduced emergency response time
    • trained Operations Centre personnel available 24/7
  • Increased operational efficiency
    • better management and internal visibility of trips
    • clear responsibilities and duties established for all involved personnel
    • Comprehensive and continually updated knowledge base available for all routes previously driven by company personnel
  • Reduced administrative overhead
    • trip management plans created and logged online
    • trip reports created automatically
    • driver permits and certificates, vehicle maintenance information, and safety checklists can be automatically uploaded and retrievable online on demand.

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