Commitment to Quality

At PlanGlobal our commitment to quality represents our commitment to process. PlanGlobal operates under strict quality management systems and practices and is committed to continuous improvement and providing quality services to Clients, partners, and stakeholders, with the goal of having the quality of managed services considered “First-Class” worldwide. PlanGlobal strives to exceed Clients, partners, and stakeholder needs. Service Center employees continually pursue and implement processes designed to increase the quality of managed services, as well as ensure that the PlanGlobal name represents a “Standard of Quality.”

ISO Compliance

To honor this quality commitment, PlanGlobal actively pursues compliance and registration to relevant standards within the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Since PlanGlobal supervises a company’s critical assets; personnel, capital equipment, and production, it is known it is crucial that PlanGlobal itself complies with these international quality standards for its operations.

ISO 9001:2008

PlanGlobal is compliant to the ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems” standard. ISO 9001:2008 compliance demonstrates PlanGlobal's quality management system provides effective management of internal processes to meet international quality requirements.

ISO/IEC (27002:2005)

PlanGlobal is compliant to the ISO 27002:2005 “Information Security” standard. ISO 27002:2005 compliance demonstrates PlanGlobal's commitment to protecting Clients sensitive information through proven data security processes.

ISO (14001:2004)

PlanGlobal is compliant to the ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management” standard. ISO 14001:2004 compliance demonstrates PlanGlobal's commitment to managing the effects company operations can have on the environment.

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