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Alberta economy rebounding
It’s not just the weather. Canada’s economy is also hot, beating experts’ predictions through the first half of the year. There’s also good news here in Alberta, where new jobs are being created after two years of...
Energy chief taps emergency oil reserve in wake of Harvey
Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Thursday he is releasing 500,000 barrels of crude oil from an emergency stockpile in a bid to prevent gasoline prices from spiking in the wake of disruptions caused by Harvey. Perry said
Gulf of Mexico operators returning to work after Harvey
About 9% of oil production and 13% of natural gas production remains shut-in in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. From Gulf of Mexico operator reports, BSEE estimates
Oklahoma oil and natural gas companies to lead Red Cross supply drive
Oil and natural gas companies with field offices throughout Oklahoma on Friday will collect water bottles and other supplies to help the recovery effort from Hurricane Harvey. The one-day supply drive is organized by...
North Sea supply vessel steered remotely from California control center
Wärtsilä has undertaken a successful remote control test of a platform supply vessel (PSV) in the Scottish North Sea, in collaboration with owner Gulfmark Offshore. Remote control navigating was performed from.....
Tapping into clean and safe water sources
Water is one of the primary elements responsible for life on earth. We drink it, cook with it, and use it to keep ourselves clean. Most of us turn on the tap without giving it a second thought, but ensuring that everyone
Rescuers seek anyone -- alive or dead -- left in Houston floodwaters
Rescuers began a block-by-block search of tens of thousands of Houston homes Thursday, pounding on doors and shouting as they looked for anyone -- alive or dead -- who might have been left behind in Harvey's fetid....
Good News for Wyoming: Jonah Energy Targets another 5.25 TCF of Gas
Jonah Energy is king of the Jonah field. Jonah Energy is the largest operator of the Jonah field in southwestern Wyoming, a major conventional natural gas play that dominated many of the headlines prior to the shale boom
Appalachian Natural Gas Processing Up Tenfold Since 2010
The massive growth in natural gas production in the Marcellus has spurred corresponding growth in gas processing capacity, according to a note from the EIA. Natural gas processing separates dry gas from the valuable....
Wipe Out! - Investing in Pipes, Treatment and Injection Wells to Trim Produced-Water Costs
The largest single expense associated with operating wells in a number of U.S. shale plays — including the Permian — is the cost of dealing with the large volume of produced water that emerges from wells along with crude
Another Danger of the Harvey Flood: Floating Fire Ants
Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath have been unprecedented: Trillions of gallons of water have rained down on Texas, displacing tens of thousands of people. So much water has fallen that the National Weather Service even
CNOOC says Long Lake oilsands project on the way to positive cash flow
With high operating costs related to its partially full upgrader, the integrated Long Lake SAGD project has been consistently challenged to earn a profit – its owner says that may soon change. The upgrader at Long Lake
How Safe Is Oilfield-Produced Water for Crop Irrigation? A New Study Wants to Find Out
For five years, California, the agricultural powerhouse that produces much of America’s fruits, vegetables, and nuts, suffered from a drought that, though officially over since April, continues to linger in some areas..
A terrifying size comparison shows how much rain Hurricane Harvey has produced
Hurricane Harvey has produced 9 trillion gallons of rain since it made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday night, and meteorologists forecast an additional 5 to 10 trillion gallons before the storm system subsides
New Plant to Power 700,000 Homes Using Marcellus Gas
The Oregon Clean Energy Center (OCEC) opened for business in Ohio. Ohio Gov. John Kasich visited OCEC to join the ceremonial ribbon-cutting as the facility came to life, adding 870 megawatts of power to the grid....
Orphan oil and gas wells adopted by rookie Alberta energy company founder
Where some see only a jumble of rusted pipes and black tanks jutting from a weed-infested yard in a prairie grain field, Tyler Visscher sees opportunity. The 31-year-old Red Deer, Alta., electrician is trying to build..
The Texas Oil Industry Scrambles to Prepare for Harvey
Harvey is ramping up to be a pretty impressive hurricane and oil and gas companies are scrambling to stay ahead of the storm and get ready to get through it intact. Gas prices are already spiking as Harvey approaches
In Pakistan, Arsenic-Laced Groundwater Puts 60 Million People at Risk
In 2014, the World Health Organization estimated that approximately 200 million people across the globe are being exposed to dangerous levels of arsenic through their drinking water. Most of those affected, the report...
Can Oil Sands Pay Off at Just $50 a Barrel?
The future is arriving—a few tons at a time—at Suncor Energy Inc.’s North Steepbank oil sands mine in Alberta, Canada. Human-operated excavators scrape away the top layers of soil to get to the hydrocarbon-rich tar sand
One Denver Suburb Aims To Be A Trailblazer For Drilling Oil In Suburbia
Now a story about a community that's preparing to live amid oil and gas wells. It's a situation that's becoming more common as energy companies tap into new sources of fossil fuels. From Denver, Inside Energy's Leigh...


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