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Cheap Option to the Oil Sands Emerges as Hot Play in Canada
There’s a land grab quietly taking place in a little-known corner of the Canadian oil sands. Just 200 kilometers (125 miles) southwest of the Fort McMurray oil-sands hub in northern Alberta, investors are rushing.....
A New Approach to Wastewater Could Vaporize It Right Out of Existence
How to handle wastewater is an expensive conundrum for the oil industry: as much as eight barrels of wastewater are produced for every barrel of oil pumped out of the ground. Most of this wastewater eventually has to be
The oilsands at 50: Will they still be producing in 100 years?
On Sept. 30, 1967, the Great Canadian Oil Sands facility opened north of Fort McMurray, Alta., with much fanfare, bunting and speeches by politicians. It was the first large-scale commercial operation of the oilsands....
Lundin’s International Petroleum takes big bite with $500-million Cenovus deal
Cenovus Energy Inc. is selling a southeastern Alberta oil and gas property to a company controlled by the wealthy Swedish-Canadian Lundin family, which is better known for investments in energy and mining projects in
Chevron to invest $4 billion to boost Permian Basin output
Oil major Chevron Corp will next year invest around $4 billion to ramp up its crude production in the Permian Basin area of the United States, a company executive said on Monday. Ryan Krogmeier, Chevron’s vice president
Refineries Coming Back Online after Harvey
15 out of 20 refineries are back to normal levels after Harvey; Irma-caused power outages interrupted natgas demand The impacts of Hurricane Harvey are slowly fading, as companies work to bring operations back to normal
Norway’s Massive Wealth Fund Hits $1 Trillion in Value
Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest of its kind, has hit a milestone value of $1 trillion, beating all expectations since its creation over 20 years ago.The fund, which reached its record value early....
The World is Running Out of Sand
When people picture sand spread across idyllic beaches and endless deserts, they understandably think of it as an infinite resource. But as we discuss in a just-published perspective in the journal Science, over.....
Oil and Gas at the Edge
Downtime is expensive for any manufacturer, but downtime in the oil and gas industry—needless to say—is extremely expensive. According to an MIT Sloan study, a single day of downtime for a liquefied natural gas (LNG)...
Smart graphene membrane desalinates water
Scientists have devised a simple, sturdy graphene-based hybrid desalination membrane. The device can provide clean water for agriculture and one-day human consumption. The device is an example of how smart technology can


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