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Nebraska commission approves Keystone XL route
Nebraska regulators approve a route for the Keystone XL pipeline, clearing a major hurdle for the nearly 1,200 mile project. The project faced opposition from some Nebraska landowners and environmentalists......
The AquaMAV Drone Seamlessly Traverses Sea and Sky
The Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle (AquaMAV) developed by Mirko Kovac, Ph.D., of the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London, is a bio-mimetic drone similar to the RoboBee we recently reported on. While both of these..
Best water management practices in the Permian basin
The evolution of water management in support of unconventional resource plays has come in response to two main drivers: 1) increasingly expensive freshwater resources; and 2) rising regulatory pressure surrounding the...
New technique to detect oil in water during LNG processing
Collaborative efforts between The University of Western Australia, Chevron and Woodside have produced promising results using patented technology in a recent field trial.
Anadarko Petroleum says it will up investment in Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg Basin in 2018
Anadarko Petroleum, the state’s largest oil and gas producer, plans to spend $950 million next year developing oil and gas wells in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, an increase over the $840 million it budgeted this year...
Alaska Gas line could employ 12,000 at peak, 1,000 long-term
The Alaska gas line project could bring up to 12,000 jobs to Alaska in the short-term during construction, according to Keith Meyer, president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. That’s part of an aggressive plan...
Commentary – Oil’s Anxiety Surcharge
Barrel traders recently pushed the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil above $US 55; the first time in over two years.Scarcity doesn’t really justify the upward price movement. There isn’t a shortage of oil in...
Genetic kill switches keep engineered microbes from going AWOL
Bacteria can be great little workhorses, engineered to make better batteries, clean up waste plastics, combat cancer and even produce oxygen for the first human settlers on Mars. The problem is, we don't really know what
Burnt wood used to purify water
In some parts of the world, one of the main ways of obtaining drinking water involves using the heat of the sun to boil salty or tainted water. That process, known as "solar steam generation," may soon be made simpler...
Cold Lake oil sands project expands
Osum, a private Calgary oil sands producer, is selling a percentage of its future production to raise the funds to expand its Cold Lake Orion Thermal Project. The company is currently working on a 3,000-barrel-per-day


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