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Three small-cap oil and gas picks from Mackie Research
Mackie Research recently released a research report entitled “Under-leveraged, Undervalued Growth Stocks with Momentum in 2017.” The stocks Mackie selected each have market capitalizations of less than $100-million....
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Commits US$450 Million to the U.S. Mineral Interest and Energy Royalty Sector
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) announced today that an affiliate of its wholly owned subsidiary, CPPIB Credit Investments Inc. (CPPIB Credit), has committed US$450 million to LongPoint Minerals, LLC.....
Bernhard Capital Partners Closes Inaugural Energy Services Fund
Bernhard Capital Partners Management, LP, an energy services focused private equity firm that seeks to create sustainable value by leveraging its founding partners’ decades of experience acquiring, operating and growing
Two-tier marketplace emerging for western Canadian oil and gas properties
A two-tier marketplace is developing for western Canadian oil and gas properties, with bidders starting to line up to buy crude-producing properties — although companies marketing natural gas wells are finding few....
How do Secretary Yellen, the Fed, and the Dollar Affect Oil Prices?
On Wednesday May 18, 2016, the Federal Reserve released the minutes from its April meeting, sending vibrations throughout the markets. The message from the Fed to the market was simple: stay on your toes because the Fed
Banks Pledge $7 Billion to Scale Up Clean Energy Investment
A group of eight banks and investors pledged $7 billion to join Bank of America Corp’s initiative that plans to raise at least $10 billion for investments in clean energy and sustainable development.
A report card on reserves at Canadian oil and gas producers
Globe editors have posted this research report with permission of Dundee Capital Markets. This should not be construed as an endorsement of the report’s recommendations. For more on The Globe’s disclaimers please read...
Why So Many E&Ps (And Now Oil Service Firms Too) Are Raising Billions On Wall Street
2016 has seen a flood of new oil industry equity issues - approaching $10bn in total - as increasingly strained O&G companies try to gain some financial flexibility. The run on Wall Street funding is a signal that...
Three Key Factors In Deciding Whether To Invest In An Energy Company
We are now one and a half years into what is no doubt a full-fledged commodity crisis and it is looking likely that this will be one of those dreaded lower-for-longer periods. The global commodity complex was vastly over
Warren Buffett Continues Massive Energy Insider Buying: Phillips 66, Summit Midstream
Finally after what seems to have been the longest January in recorded investing history, maybe investors are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn’t a train full of sellers ready to run them over.
Energy Megadeals Were Scarce in 2015
U.S. oil and gas companies are selling assets and acreage piecemeal as they jockey to survive a downturn in energy prices, and the trend for small transactions looks likely to heat up next year. Few energy companies have
Oil Surges After Series Of Bullish Comments
Oil prices rose triggered largely by indications that the world's largest oil producers may act jointly to support prices. A series of bullish comments- from OPEC Secretary-General Abdullah al-Badri to Shell CEO
Private equity opportunities in oil and gas
The private equity sector (investment funds which buy ownership stakes in private companies) is increasingly making its presence felt in the oil and gas industry. Larger private equity companies have recently made......
Key Developments In Canadian Private M&A Law For The Oil And Gas Industry - Q2 2015
The second quarter of 2015 saw a number of legal developments that may specifically affect private companies in the oil and gas industry. Below, we've compiled a list of key developments in Canadian law and regulatory..
Billionaire Investors Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn Invest in Energy Stocks
The negative oil price forecast might have you running for the hills, but billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn are sticking to their stock picks in the oil sector. As the energy sector is getting rocked..
Venezuela Says China to Give $5 Billion Oil Loan
Venezuela’s government, facing a cash crunch amid a slump in oil prices, signed a deal to receive a $5 billion loan from China, President Nicolás Maduro said Tuesday. The funds will go to increase oil production in.....
Oil Prices Spike For 2nd Day In A Row - WTI Is Up A Whopping 16% In 2 Days
Well, another day another oil price spike. After yesterday's 10% move (which left most analysts scratching their heads), oil is surging again. WTI spiked up more than 5% Friday morning, taking the 2-day move to +16%...
Schlumberger to Buy Cameron in $14.8 Billion Oil Services Deal
Schlumberger Ltd. agreed to buy Cameron International Corp. in a deal valued at $14.8 billion, allowing the world’s largest oilfield contractor to bundle gear and services more effectively into one package......
Schlumberger's Cameron Takeover Keeps Innovation Alive Despite Low Oil Prices
Schlumberger, the world's leading oilfield service provider, announced that it will acquire Cameron, one of the Big 3 oilfield equipment manufacturers, in a deal worth $14.8bn. When the transaction closes early next....
Like Exxon, Top Canadian Oil Sands Companies Offer Tremendous Value
Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) has an ingrained corporate culture of achieving excellence and creating significant enterprise value. The interesting thing though is that its own size and sheer scale appear to be diminishing....