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EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech Day: All Water is Not the Same
Water is a major concern throughout the oilfield. Operators are struggling with the logistics of water treatment as the need to handle water in day-to-day oilfield activities grows. Gradiant Energy Services........
59 Year Record: U.S. Is a Net Exporter of Natural Gas for First Time Since 1958
The U.S. has been a net exporter of natural gas for three of the first five months of 2017, according to a note released by the EIA. This is historically significant, as February, April and May are so far the only months
You’re the CEO, How Will You Develop Your Acreage?
Once you’ve locked up the acreage, the permits and the capital, drilling and developing shale plays is fraught with difficult operational decisions. How do companies know if they’re making the right choices when it comes
Oilsands expansion leads Canada to fastest GDP growth in nearly 2 decades
Canada's economy grew at its fastest pace in nearly two decades in May, led by expansion in the oil and gas sector. That's according to the latest GDP data from Statistics Canada, released Friday, which shows a 7.6%...
The Excruciating Difficulty of Drilling for Oil – 51 Steps
To find oil, you cannot simply punch a hole in the ground. Perhaps, this is what many people believe. There are many complexities involving multiple service companies and two complete teams of crews. With so much......
Commentary – Is Lithium the New Oil?
“Lithium is the new oil,” goes the saying in electric vehicle (EV) circles. If you haven’t heard the catchy maxim, it means that new-age batteries made from elemental lithium are the energy world’s “in-thing.”.......
Visualizing Oil Production in the Eagle Ford
This interactive presentation contains the latest oil & gas production data from 19149 horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford region (TRRC districts 1-5), that started producing since 2010, through February 2017. After....
Permian Basin Produced Water May Hit 1B Barrels Per Day
Experts say produced water from the Permian Basin may hit 1 billion bbl per day within 10 years, EnergyPlex panelist Nathan Zaugg told attendees last week 1B estimate could fill Elephant Butte Lake in around 21 days.
UT Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Separate Oil from Water
Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin believe they have found a fast method for separating mixed oil and water using nanoparticles. Most commonly-used methods for separating produced oil and water successfully
USGS Well Study: Unconventional Oil & Gas Development Having Little or No Effect on Drinking Water Quality
The USGS published a study investigating the effects of oil and gas production on drinking water quality. The study examined a total of 116 water wells in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, in areas were companies......
EIA: The top oil and gas producer in 2016, US to ramp up output for 2017
According to the US Energy Information Administration, the US remained the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2016 for the fifth straight year, despite production declines for both....
The World Is Running Out of Sand
The final event of last year’s beach-volleyball world tour was held in Toronto, in September, in a parking lot at the edge of Lake Ontario. There’s a broad public beach nearby, but few actual beaches meet the Fédération
Study Finds No Harm to Drinking Water Sources from Oil and Gas Drilling
A recently published three-year study conducted by researchers from Duke University, The Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University, and the French Geological Survey Laboratory concluded
Alberta oilsands' energy return on investment steadily improving, says new study
Alberta’s oilsands operations are getting increasingly more efficient in producing energy, though they still lag behind conventional oil, according to a new study by researchers at the Haskayne School of Business ...
Signs of oil boomlet in North Dakota after pipeline finished
There are hundreds more jobs than takers in the heart of North Dakota's oil patch. Finding a hotel room, parking space or table at a restaurant is no longer easy. More than two years after the state's unprecedented oil
Where and How Can We Find New Sources of Oil and Gas?
Oil and gas remain an integral part of today’s world and new reserves are being found, as are methods for extracting them. The editors of a new book, published by the American Geophysical Union in March 2017, answer some
How to Explore for Oil and Gas Anywhere in the World
There are approximately 450,000 wells in our international data set, but there are over 4 million wells in the US. Back when we worried about Peak Oil we also worried that US basins were locked into irreversible declines
The World’s Coming Mega-Population Centers and the Energy They Will Need
Decline curves + global population growth: energy demand will outpace supply through 2040 (and beyond) So far in 2017 a number of global energy experts and commodities watchers have looked beyond the current reporting...
"Optimism" returns to oil patch: Mullen
Revenues are still lower than peak levels, but Mullen Group chairman and Chief Executive Officer Murray K Mullen is reporting a “sense of optimism” in the oil and gas sector -- and he expects the good news to continue...
Permian Basin Operators Find Savings In Recycling Water
Operators in the Permian Basin are pouring money into water management in an effort to cut down on drilling costs. At the pre-conference water forum at Hart Energy’s DUG Permian Basin conference on April 3, leaders from