Mobile Inventory Management

Knowing where your mobile inventory is at all times, whether it’s on the move, temporarily stopped, or currently residing in a storage facility, is extremely important for your business. Making sure that this information is accurate and is constantly updated, however, represents a significant expenditure of internal resources, and in many cases may be beyond the capabilities of your in-house staff.

Our Solution

PlanGlobal’s Mobile Inventory Management System enables your shipments to be located and tracked in real-time. Integrated with GPS technology, and utilizing the services of our 24/7 Control Centre, our system alerts you to any potential problems, and enables immediate escalation for any unplanned or unforeseen events. If you are not currently deploying GPS or telematics for your inventory tracking, or if it is time for a software upgrade, we can also help your company make the most appropriate technology investment.

System Components

The components of PlanGlobal’s system include:

  • Real-time Location Identification
  • Movement Detection
  • Surveillance and Theft Protection
  • System Reporting
  • Inventory Audit Trail

Real-time Location

We can instantly locate your previous cargo, which may not necessarily be where it was scheduled to be.

Movement Detection

When your inventory has changed location, that event is automatically recorded in the system. The data gathered includes previous location, the amount of time the object remained at that location, the new location, the travel time to reach that location, and the speed at which the shipment moved from one location to the next.

Surveillance and Theft Protection

When inventory movement is detected, a system notification is automatically generated, which is immediately evaluated by trained personnel at PlanGlobal’s 24/7 Control Centre. If the designated movement requires preauthorization, and that authorization has not been received, the event is escalated by the system. The corresponding response will be determined by the conditions assigned to that specific event. Typically, the first action will be to initiate immediate contact with the transport operator or the site warehouse personnel. If that contact attempt is unsuccessful, or if a criminal act is confirmed, the follow-up response would be to notify local authorities, as well as local company offices and company drivers. If the inventory movement is determined to be an actual theft attempt, and local authorities and nearby company representatives are subsequently unable to prevent that theft, the GPS information collected by PlanGlobal’s system can subsequently be used to help detect the whereabouts of the stolen items.

System Reporting

Customized system reports can be provided on any inventory information tracked by the system, and can be e-mailed directly to the customer, based on their predefined or on-demand scheduling requirements.

Inventory Audit Trail

PlanGlobal’s Mobile Inventory Management System provides the capability for collecting a variety of information for tracking every event that occurs for a monitored item, including the beginning and end location, the date and time of each movement, and the time elapsed and speed data for each movement event. All data is automatically kept current and accurate, and requires little or no data entry. This provides an accurate and reliable audit trail of all such events that ensures the overall inventory control system tracks and retains all critical information about any monitored item. This information can subsequently be used for a variety of purposes, including company invoicing, incident reconstruction, follow-up investigations, and potential insurance claims.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of PlanGlobal’s Mobile Inventory Management System include:

  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Increased information accuracy
  • More timely and better informed decision making
  • Improved process management
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improved customer relations and company reputation

Optimized asset utilization

By analyzing the location information of each inventory item, assets can be better allocated geographically based on their current locations, enabling improved transportation metrics, and better deployment of field equipment and other transported items.

Enhanced security

Instant notifications of non-authorized inventory movements enable appropriate action to be taken immediately. This results in reduced incidents of theft. In the event that a theft does take place, the system can also be used help recover the inventory item successfully. Improved security translates directly into lowered cost of operations, lower insurance premiums, and improved company reputation.

Improved workforce productivity

Utilizing automatic asset tracking technology, inventory information is uploaded automatically into the system, saving time and effort on the part of transportation and warehousing personnel, and resulting in reduced labour cost.

Increased information accuracy

Information is automatically uploaded in real-time, resulting in reduced manual inputting of data and less chance of human error.

More timely and better informed decision making

Information such as current location and estimated time of delivery are provided by the system in real-time, enabling better decisions can be made quicker. One such example would include rerouting of the shipment to a different location in need of that same inventory.

Improved process management

By analyzing the Inventory Audit Trail, potential problem areas (for example, situations where the custody transfer protocol was not followed properly) can be identified, and action taken to prevent future occurrences. These actions could include: updated policies and procedures, additional training, disciplinary action, etc.

Reduction in operating costs

Through efficiencies created by all of the key benefits referenced above, operating costs are reduced, resulting in an overall increase in profitability from company operations.

Improved customer relations and company reputation

Providing the most accurate and up to date information possible to end-users results in improved customer relations, translating into higher client retention rates and increased business referrals. For example, if the inventory tracking system has determined that the estimated time of delivery for a shipment has already exceeded the specified deadline, the end-use customer can be notified in advance, enabling the company to initiate appropriate remedial action.

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