Fleet Optimization

PlanGlobal’s Service Center Operators continually review vehicle performance data to ensure the highest value is from the fleet. The PlanGlobal Fleet Optimization program is designed to not only monitor and report on the daily activity of a fleet, but also combines Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tracking and business analytics to ensure the fleet performance is maintained and continues improving over the long term. Companies that implement PlanGlobal's managed service realize:

  • Improved Vehicle and Driver Performance
  • Reduction in Fleet Related Costs
  • Improvement in Policy and Compliance
  • Reduction in Administrative Costs
  • Improvement in Vehicle Replacement Schedules

How does Fleet Optimization Work?

The fleet optimization service includes all the benefits of inventory and fleet supervision as well as daily analysis of a fleet to ensure companies get the maximum return in their fleet investment. The Service Center and its experienced personnel continuously work to understand company operations and unique fleet challenges as the company grows and thrives amid todays changing market. PlanGlobal identifies opportunities to continually improve productivity by modeling and trending vehicle and personnel behaviour and performance against industry standards and the company’s unique KPI’s. Specifically operators:

  • Monitor inventory and Fleet Performance
  • Manage Alarm Conditions
  • Proactively Report and Respond to Fleet Trends
  • Continually Analyze Fleet Data
  • Integrate Multiple Data Sources
  • Monitor and Adjust KPI’s

Service Components

Once integrated with the company management team and existing web-enabled GPS tacking solution, fleet optimization service provides Clients with:

  • System Management
  • Alarm Monitoring and Escalation
  • Report Scheduling and Customization

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