About Us

Mission of PlanGlobal:

Our mission is to maximize the efficiency of your enterprise infrastructure, reduce your overall cost of operations, and keep your employees safe at all times. Our industry-leading solutions are backed by the expertise and support of our team of professionals. We strive to continually enhance PlanGlobal’s reputation for performance, reliability and quality, through long-term consultative relationships with our extensive portfolio of clients.

Who We Are:

PlanGlobal is driven by growth, whether it is to improve performance, create a safer work environment, or grow business and earnings.

PlanGlobal’s commitment to growth within proven disciplined business processes is the basis of our long-term strategy for success.

What We Do:

PlanGlobal provides managed services using an operations center to supervise and control Working Alone Supervision and Journey Management programs, and Fleet Management and Mobile Inventory Management systems.

A key difference between PlanGlobal and our competitors is that we enable the natural evolution of your enterprise processes, so that you can be better in your business going forward.  In addition, we harness innovation by leveraging the power of your operational information. Our focus on growth is balanced by our commitment to quality. Our managed services are designed for small, medium or large companies, and can easily handle the future expansion of your business.

Why We Do It

PlanGlobal is committed to reducing your company’s risk, improving effectiveness, and enabling faster, more informed decisions. Our extensive experience in field operations, information technology, and business development has enabled us to assemble a highly experienced, committed, and qualified team. This in turn, has provided us with the ability to help our clients cope with the challenges of hiring and training a large permanent workforce.  Our personnel can be outsourced to fill the vital roles left vacant as a result of the continually changing demographics and economic conditions impacting North America.

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Suite 20, 3515 27th Street NE

Calgary, AB, Canada T1Y 5E4

t: +1 (403) 452-4756

f: +1 (866) 700-4716


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